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True Crime Shout Outs: Kush & Crime

If there's one thing I appreciate in a true crime podcast, aside from accurate research, is a chill vibe with some tasteful comedy to cleanse the pallet. Many shows have found their own little ways to accomplish this, but I've found one that has truly put their own spin on things. While there are many true crime podcasts that pander to those who like beer or wine, no one has tapped into the stoner demographic, until now. I've honestly wondered, as a smoker myself, why no one had thought of pairing a show with a nice strain each week rather than a draft, IPA, or a merlot. Finally, Sam and Ozzy of the Kush & Crime podcast have come to answer our prayers!

I originally stumbled across the show out of pure curiosity and impatience. I was watching the Hulu original, Candy. Two episodes in, I could no longer take it. I needed to know what happened! I typed Candy Montgomery's name into my Apple Podcast search engine and the Kush & Crime episode on the case was the first thing I found. Obviously, I had to listen. I went in only to find out what would happen to Candy Montgomery. Hours later, I was still listening, casting evil glares at any foolish enough to interrupt this amazingly well researched podcast.

I quickly found myself enthralled with their coverage on such cases as David Parker Ray - The Toy Box Killer, the missing person's case of Jason Landry, serial killer Aileen Wournos, and epic piece of shit, Robert Durst. No, not that Robert Durst. While also covering cases well-known to the true crime community, they also like to tackle lesser known cases as well. I love this about their podcast because I've had the opportunity to learn about cases I've never heard of before.

Each week, Sam and Ozzy bring an interesting and well researched case to their listeners, along with a Strain of the Day. Though they're not sponsored by Leafly, they definitely should be as their strains typically come from Ozzy, The Ivory Man, gives an in-depth description of each strain presented on the show, as well as educating the listener about the strain's origin and potency. It's absolutely fascinating to learn the origin stories behind strains we've all smoked and loved. Blue Dream, Cheese, Duct Tape, Bruce Banner, and Wedding Pie are among some of the strains you can get a whole history lesson on while listening to Kush & Crime.

I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking for a fun, laid back, informative show. It's perfect to listen to while smoking, but it's also good for a long drive or long day at work. Each episode is so much fun that the hour just flies by, leaving you wanting more. The hosts have an amazing chemistry, making it obvious to the listener that they have been together for a while. I couldn't be pressed to think of a cuter podcasting couple than Sam and Ozzy. I urge everyone to check out Kush & Crime for a delightfully lifted experience. They can be found on pretty much all the major platforms, such as Apple, Spotify, and Podcast Addict.

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