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True Crime Shout Outs: Horrendous: A Best Friends Podcast

If you've ever read my series, Mysterious Hauntings, you may have gathered that I have a deep appreciation for history. Before I learned to appreciate it, my father used to tell me that it was important to learn the mistakes of those that came before us so we do not repeat them. Even those of us that love the subject don't care for long, boring, droning documentaries or podcasts on the duller points of the past. Everyone wants to be engaged and entertained. It makes it much easier to absorb the information. Though Horrendous: A Best Friends Podcast is a true crime podcast at its heart, there is a wealth of historical information to be learned from the show. The hosts, Callie and Elizabeth, enthrall and thrill their audience with tales of murder, mystery, mayhem, and all of the history behind every story. The backgrounds of victims and killers, alike, along with the stories that cause us to label every old building in the world as "the most haunted."

It wouldn't exactly be fair to say that I found this show. It was more like they found me...on Instagram. When I noticed that I had new followers, I checked them out and found they had a show that can be found anywhere that podcasts stream. When I started listening, I was delighted to find a truly addictive show with so much research into the past of every story they cover. As I'm always looking for new sources and entertainment at work, I was happy to find a show that was so fun and interesting to listen to.

The Horrendous podcast covers many fascinating stories. Each episode is even better than the last, making it the perfect show to binge through a long day at work, a road trip, or a relaxing weekend. Listen to Elizabeth kick the show off with an amusing rant on whatever may be grinding her gears. Laugh along as she apologizes to her Meemaw for every "fuck" uttered on the show. Enjoy their humorous banter, feeling as though you're sitting among your best friends, in the middle of the conversation.

Hosts Callie and Elizabeth deliver amazing content not just because they clearly work hard and research thoroughly. They have a natural chemistry that comes from their years of friendship. Having known each other since childhood, their relationship will remind you of your own best friend every time you listen. Uniquely working together to tell every story, they really do make it feel like a Best Friends Podcast.

Callie and Elizabeth cover a vast variety of subjects and stories on their show, making it ever-entertaining. You never know from one week to the next what you're going to hear, but you know it will be interesting. From true crime cases to unsolved mysteries, cults, the paranormal, dark historical records, and badass women, they leave you guessing from one week to the next as to what the next episode will be about. Check out engrossing episodes such as those on Battery Carriage House Inn, the Saxtown Ax Murders, the Atlanta Child Murders, the Tower of London, and more.

The ladies of the Horrendous Podcast can be found on all social media platforms as well as wherever you find podcasts. I would strongly recommend this show to anyone looking for something laid back, entertaining, and informative to listen to. Working in the background of a busy store, I've found myself getting lost in this show until the day is done, hardly feeling like any time has passed at all. I greatly look forward to hearing what they release in the future. With more than 50 episodes out presently, there's plenty to catch up on.

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