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True Crime Shout Outs: Hillbilly Horror Stories

There's no greater time of year than October. Halloween decorations make every home look suddenly spookier. Scary movies seem just a little scarier. And pumpkin spice can be both smelled and devoured from everywhere. There's just something about the colors and the chill of fall that makes everyone's spooky side come alive. When you're really feeling that Halloween spirit a true crime podcast just doesn't seem to do the trick. Instead, try treating yourself to this wonderful gem of a show hosted by two of the most glorious gems in the world.

When I'm more in the mood for something paranormal my go-to podcast is Jerry and Tracy Paulley's Hillbilly Horror Stories. This husband and wife duo deliver a unique kind of show where they actually include their fans. Feel free to write your stories of strange and paranormal experiences to them to hear them read aloud on the show for all to enjoy. You can always feel safe knowing that you're sending your stories to people that will not only believe you, but never judge you. If you have a story you would like to share you can contact them on their website, If you like, you can even join Jerry for a one-on-one interview over the phone to tell your story on the show yourself.

While there are plenty of listener stories and episodes focused on haunted places from all over, that's not all they offer. Jerry tells fascinating tales of cryptids, UFO sightings, alien encounters, real-life mysteries, and so much more as Tracy offers questions, comments, and jokes. A real treat to be caught are the episodes where Tracy chooses to sing a song. She has a beautiful, angelic voice that should be heard by all.

With more than 800 episodes already released and more dropping multiple times a week, there's plenty to binge on the show that you won't be able to get enough of. If you're always looking for something new to listen to, they can help with that, too. Jerry does regular interviews with other podcasters about their shows to give the listeners more content to check out.

If you're into a good ongoing series there are a few. Deadtime Stories are fascinating shorts on hauntings from all over. Macabre Misfortunes tells the tragic tales of catastrophes throughout time. Eerie Encounters are compilations of scary stories with a theme for each installment. You can also enjoy previews of their Patreon bonus show, only available to Patrons.

With so many episodes and more constantly being released, there's no doubt you'll easily find something to your taste. Just more recently, episodes on Cripple Creek, MoMo, Changelings, the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, and the Keever House have kept me thoroughly enthralled. There's so much more to be discovered in the eerie and interesting world of Jerry and Tracy Paulley.

These incredible people are not just amazing hosts and storytellers, but truly good people down to their core. They're the kind of people that thank all public servants and members of the military for their hard work and dedication. The kind of people that are willing to be there for any friend or fan of their show. Not only do they provide the numbers to reach the Suicide Prevention Hotline on all of their main episodes, but they also make it known that they are personally available to listen to anyone that needs someone to talk to. They're not just blowing smoke, either. They really are available and willing to help those that need a shoulder to cry on and someone to hear them. They've also been helping those affected by the flooding in Kentucky, their home-state.

I've been a listener of Hillbilly Horror Stories for quite a while now and cannot say enough good things about the show and its hosts. As a life-long resident of the Appalachian Mountains, I love listening to Jerry and Tracy's accents. It makes me feel right at home, with people I've known my whole life. This awesome pair can be found anywhere you find podcasts and on all social media platforms. Also, check out their website and buy some one-of-a-kind merch! Not only do they sell a wide variety of T-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies of all sizes, they also sell homemade salsa, barbecue sauce, fruit preservatives, and apple butter. For the fall season they've included pumpkin butter, too.

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