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True Crime Shout Outs: Bloodthirsty Times

If you've read my previous posts from the True Crime Shout Outs series, then you know that I heavily gravitate towards comedy/true crime podcasts. While not for everyone, they are my favorite genre. With such heavy content, comedic relief makes it much easier for many to digest. The hosts of this particular comedy/true crime podcast make sure to include a short disclaimer at the beginning of each episode, informing listeners of what they're getting into. If jokes, voices, or banter is not your thing, then you can check out from the beginning. I would highly recommend sticking around for the entire 75-episode catalog, though. What else are you doing all day at work?

I can certainly tell you what I've been doing to avoid talking to people at work. For the past few weeks, I've binged Bloodthirsty Times from start to finish. I can definitely say that it has been an interesting ride listening to the growth and changes made since their start just last year.

In the early episodes, hosts Will and Octavio are joined by their friend, Brian. Bringing his own style to the table, Brian became known for covering "mysterious circumstances" each week that story-time was passed over to him. Before his departure from the show 25 episodes in, he covered such stories as Skinwalker Ranch, the Montauk Project, and the Ilkley Moor Alien. In pursuit of master-barber status, Brian left the show, but has made a couple of appearances since in the absence of Will or Octavio. While his Lord of the Rings references have been missed, his replacement has proved herself more than up to the task of covering stories from an interesting point of view.

Octavio's wife, Emily, came in to fill the void left behind by Brian and his wheeze. Working in a Mississippi hospital as a nurse, she brings her professional knowledge to the table. This comes in particularly handy when covering such crimes as those committed by "angel of mercy" killers, typically seen working in hospitals or nursing homes. She also brings a woman's opinion to the stories. As women are typically targeted more often for violent crimes, a woman's perspective on these kinds of cases is very interesting. After all, what woman hasn't been made to feel uncomfortable or outright afraid at multiple points in her life? It's a kind of fear and uneasiness that only another woman can truly understand. Emily's cases have covered the Mockingbird Hill Massacre, Charles Cullen, TalHotBlond, and Charles Howard Schmid Jr.

Will's occupation in the EMS field gives him an interesting perspective as well. Working for emergency services in Los Angeles, he's seen quite a bit in his career. When the ball is passed to him, he normally covers an unsolved case that is still shrouded in mystery and loaded down with questions. Some of the fascinating stories he's covered include the Zodiac, Pauline Burgette, Betty Gail Brown, and the lesser known serial killer, Milton Johnson.

Octavio is the unofficial historian of the group. While he covers many engrossing cases, his obvious favorites are the older ones. Any time he can take the listener back in time, his excitement can be felt by all. He has covered stories like the Bloody Benders, The Lost Colony of Roanoke, El Chapo, and The Vertical Plane.

With such amazing production, it's hard not to get sucked into the stories. Background music, sound effects, and the occasional movie clip can be heard, further engaging the listener. While the music clearly comes from a soundboard, the imaginary musician, Richard, gets the credit. Richard punches up every dramatic moment and gives the banter at the start of the show a relaxed feel. The top-notch production of this show just makes it easier to fall more than 70 episodes in and want more.

Aside from production, the hosts also read all quotes in voices to engage the audience further. With Will Octavio both being so skilled at doing voices, this is not only more enthralling, but comedic much of the time. It's often funny to see what Will's accents will evolve into as he continues reading.

Bloodthirsty Times can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and most anywhere else you stream podcasts. I cannot recommend this show enough to anyone looking for something laid back and intended to make you laugh. I loved every minute of this show and enjoyed listening as it grew and changed in the last year and a half. The hosts are not only well researched and knowledgeable, but their down-to-earth and relatable. Won't you join them in these Bloodthirsty Times?

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