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True Crime Lite: Profile Picture Updated

Social media has become a way for the world to mask their true identities. Thanks to filters and Photoshop, every outing looks like the perfect day on the town. Every vacation appears to be a flawless family getaway. Profile pictures have to be the most perfect of all that we post. After all these are the covers by which our books are judged these days. The subject of our story had no care whatsoever for appearing perfect on his profile picture. He decided to be honest with the world when showing off the cover of his book.

Smooth Radio wrote a brief piece on the ridiculous story of Mack Yearwood, who was wanted in connection with an assault. ABC News filled the story out with details, stating that he had been the target of a search after an assault in Stuart, Florida in late August 2016. Late on a Monday night officers from the Stuart Police Department made it to the home to find that their suspect had already fled into the darkness. His victim was able to identify him as 42-year-old Mack Yearwood, though and the search began in earnest.

An address was given over to authorities for a residence that he had been staying at. The officer handed that information off to a co-worker that would be working the next day to follow up on. Once the search began it was found that their assailant already had two outstanding warrants in Florida. To gain some insight into where he may have gone, police checked his Facebook page. It was then that they discovered the recent change of his profile picture. Jaws dropped as the wanted poster displaying his Citrus County mug shot appeared as Mack Yearwood's profile picture. Heads silently shook as a connection was made. Yearwood had a brother living in Citrus County.

He was asleep when police arrived to arrest him in connection with his warrants. Rising from underneath his blankets, he asked an officer to hand him his pants. As he put them on a baggy fell out of the pocket. It was a bag of weed, leading to an additional cannabis charge. Though he asked that he not be charged with the weed, that request was not granted. At the time that ABC News published their article no charges had been filed against him for the assault as it was still under investigation. He hadn't yet entered a plea on his cannabis charge by that time.

Some takeaways: Though everyone wants to take a good profile picture, no mug shot qualifies. Even without current warrants, it's just not a good look. Using your current wanted poster is an entirely new brand of idiocy, though. There has also never been an officer that suddenly decided not to charge someone with something simply because they asked nicely. If you're wanted for assault and dumb enough to change your profile picture to something so incredibly laughable then prison may be the place for you.

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