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True Crime Lite: Love Conquers All, Even Shoplifters

You never know where or when you'll meet the person that stops you in your tracks. Sometimes it can happen at the most inconvenient of times. When you least expect it, love can come whistling through the wind to strike you right in the heart. For Aron Morrison, the woman that stopped him in his tracks did so at the most inopportune of times. During the commission of a crime.

Aron, a citizen and resident of Scotland, was in need of some liquor, but was evidently short on cash. He decided to walk into a liquor store and simply grab what he wanted. Anybody else would've taken the bottle and left as quickly and calmly as possible. Not Aron, who had been taken by the beauty of the store's clerk before leaving.

He stopped for a chat with the woman behind the counter. She conversed with him and accepted his name and phone number after he asked her out on a date. Thinking he had hit the jackpot, Aron left. He had successfully lifted a bottle of vodka for the evening and secured a date with a lovely woman. Aron was on top, or so he thought.

Promptly after Aron left the liquor store, the clerk alerted police to the theft. When they arrived to take her statement, she had something better for them. His name and phone number that he had written down himself before leaving it at the scene with the only witness. Both and the Herald-Whig reported that tracking the thief down was no problem. He was quickly apprehended and charged with the theft.

Aron could've just taken the bottle and run. Even better, he could've gone without and not stolen anything at all. At the very least, he made a very stupid decision that got him caught and gave us all something to laugh about.

Some takeaways from this story: Maybe don't shoplift to start with, but definitely don't stop to flirt with the cashier and give them your number. Having worked with the public for years, I can assure you, the store clerk is there to work and is not normally drawn to the flirtations of their customers. The better way to behave in a store is to be respectful to those serving you and not steal from their employers.

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