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 Hello to my fellow true crime fans. Like myself, you’ve probably looked over the cases that fascinate you a million times. You’ve probably watched every interview, documentary, and listened to every podcast. You may have even looked at police reports and reviewed crime scene photos. The true crime community is ever growing with new fans being brought into the fold every day. On the flip side of that coin is the crimes being committed against humanity every day. I had thought before of starting a true crime blog, but figured there were enough blogs, shows, and podcasts out there already. The fact of the matter is that’s just not true. When there is so much violence in the world there needs to be a balance of good. There needs to be voices speaking out against those who would victimize the innocent. I will tell the stories of the monsters who committed heinous crimes and I will also try my best to tell the stories of their victims as well. I hope you enjoy my writing and research. I also hope you will enjoy the community I’ve attempted to build. Feel free to read and chat with others about what cases fascinate you the most. I’ll look into them and write pieces as I go along.


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